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Mentoring is a powerful force for developing the next generations of leaders. A mentor can offer insight and advice about challenges and opportunities and serve as a sounding board for ideas and career related decisions. An outside mentor will bring an objective perspective which often complements the mentoring and coaching a professional receives inside an organization.

The AICPA Online Mentoring Program allows participants to seek a mentor and/or mentee outside of their organization. Using an online platform makes a mentoring relationship easier to fit into busy schedules, creating beneficial and successful outcomes.

Join the AICPA Online Mentoring Program

1. AICPA membership Sign-up, if not already member

Participation in the AICPA online mentoring programs is offered exclusively to AICPA members. If you are not an AICPA member, sign up today at

2. Join the online mentoring program(s)

AICPA members can join the mentoring programs here by using their AICPA login credentials when accessing the program.

3. Complete your profile

Complete as much of your profile as possible to help others learn more about you and identify a good match. You may upload your LinkedIn profile to get started quickly.

4. Complete your matching questionnaire

Click on the “Apply to the Program” tab and select “Application Form”. You will then select a mentoring program from a drop-down menu and identify your role as mentee, mentor or both.

Once your matching questionnaire is completed and submitted, you become visible for a match.

Note: Mentors are required to have a minimum of 5 years of experience

5. Select your Mentors, if applicable

Mentees are encouraged to reach out to mentors and invite them into a mentoring relationship. They can either follow the system’s matching recommendations or browse and select a different mentor. A mentee can have only one mentor, but a mentor can have up to two mentees.

6. Complete your Mentee goals, if applicable

Finally, mentees should complete their mentoring goals in order to define what success looks like and identify the desired outcome from the mentoring relationship.


This video is showcasing a new technology infrastructure, launched by the AICPA, to facilitate the connectivity of AICPA members and mentoring within the profession.

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