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Simple edit for UAT 6.5 Aug. 29, 2019. A recent survey of affluent Americans, conducted before the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was signed into law, found that three-in-five are likely to adjust their financial plans according to changes in tax policy. The survey found that affluent adults understand the value of a financial planner with substantial tax expertise. By nearly a nine-to-one ratio, (53 percent more likely versus 6 percent less likely) affluent Americans say working with individuals, such as a CPA financial planner, would make them more likely to reach their financial goals.

Other key findings of the survey:

  • The most important aspects of a financial plan cited were retirement savings and income, tax efficiency of savings and investment, and healthcare planning.
  • Eighty-seven percent of affluent adults say they would be more likely to reach at least one of their financial goals with a tax-efficient financial plan. The most frequently cited goal they would be more likely to reach was avoiding outliving assets in retirement.
  • Ninety percent of affluent adults said that effective tax planning would be either very or somewhat important to their overall financial well-being in retirement.


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